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The Longest Hour

Two brothers who are in desperate need of money find half a million pounds worth of cocaine. Knowing that they are putting on their lives in danger, they feel that making a deal is their only choice. The Longest Hour is a crime thriller enhanced by tense character driven drama and the defiant sense of humour that the characters posses. Imagine a heightened story on the scale of a Tarantino film, with the witty style of In Bruges and the psychological intensity of Breaking Bad.

This is a co-production with Capital City Entertainment, the producer's of the film are Thomas Fletcher and Elisar Cabrera.

Poster Designer.

David Grant. - grantdesign.com

                                                    NEVER FORGIVE WHAT YOU CAN'T FORGET.

20 minute short film about a young woman, who casts aside her conventional adult life and re-engages with her rebellious youth in order to enact a vengeful rampage.

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